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posted Mar 13, 2019, 3:33 AM by Janene Weinstein

With petrol & electricity on the rise, shoppers are challenged to find more economical ways to buy groceries & prepare healthy meals. Here are 10 tips for stretching your rands:
1. Plan Menus and Make a List. A sure way to overspend is by wandering aimlessly through the aisles & tossing whatever looks good into your trolley. Instead, plan menus and write a shopping list that corresponds with the store aisles.
2. Use vouchers and loyalty/ rewards cards. Not only will you enjoy price specials, but you may receive additional discounts for items you regularly purchase at the till or by email.
3. Buy Store Brands. Compare products, but no-name brands are often more economical. 
4. Buy On Sale and In Bulk. Look out for sales on items or products you use regularly to save money. However, buy larger quantities only if you have proper storage space and will use the food before it expires.
5. Compare Unit Prices
6. Read Food Labels to make sure that you are getting the most nutritional value for your rand.
7. Focus on Wholegrain Foods. Health reward programs often give cash back on more healthy choices.
8. Shop Seasonally. Fresh produce often costs less when it's in season. 
9. Keep Foods Safe and Prevent Food Waste by checking expiry dates to avoid throwing food away.
10. Pay Attention at the till. Make sure prices ring up as advertised or as marked on the shelf. Some stores will even give you the item for free if an error occurs.