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posted Jan 22, 2019, 4:36 AM by Janene Weinstein
You've packed your child a lunchbox worthy of sharing on social media, so why are the contents untouched at the end of the day? Why do some school-aged kids skip lunch? 

PROBLEM#1: Your Child Doesn't Enjoy the Foods You Send? Parents have the important job of selecting healthful foods for your child's lunchbox. But if children think some items are mushy, discolored, soggy or just plain yucky, they're not going to eat much. 
SOLUTION-Get your kids' feedback: What do they want for lunch? Why didn't they like certain items? Give kids input in choosing foods or take them shopping & they will be more likely to munch their lunch. 

PROBLEM#2 Your Child Is Distracted or Doesn't Have Enough Time to Eat. Children are easily distracted + few foods can compete with the lure of getting outside for cartwheels, soccer /monkey bars. 
SOLUTION-Pack bite-sized foods that are quick to eat. Focus on a mini-meal so children are well-fueled, even if they don't eat a big lunch. 

PROBLEM#3: The Lunchbox Is Difficult to Open. For younger children, some lunchbox containers, lids & zippers are too difficult for their small hands to open. 
SOLUTION-switch to more kid-friendly containers & test them out at home. 

PROBLEM #4:Your Child Has a Small Appetite. 
SOLUTION-Kids have small stomachs and don't need large portions. Send an apple & cheese rather than chips/candy. That way, even if lunch appetites are small, you know your kids have eaten something nourishing.