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posted Nov 20, 2018, 2:52 AM by Janene Weinstein

425 million people have diabetes in the world and more than 16 million people in the AFR Region; by 2045 it will be around 41 million. There were 1,826,100 cases of diabetes in South Africa in 2017. 

Diabetes affects the body's ability to make or properly use insulin. For people with diabetes, the pancreas makes insulin, but either it does not make enough of it or the body's cells don't use the insulin it makes. Insulin is a hormone that your cells need to store and use energy from food. Insulin helps glucose, or sugar, enter the cells so they can use if for energy.
If you have diabetes, glucose collects in the blood. Thus, your body is not getting the energy it needs. Also, the high levels of glucose circulate through the body, damaging cells along the way. Diabetes increases the risk of having a heart attack, stroke and kidney, eye and nerve damage. 

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, Janene Sacks, registered dietician can create a simple eating plan for you. This plan will take into account your medications, lifestyle and any other health problems. The expert advice of an dietician can help you manage your diabetes while ensuring you get the nutrients your body needs