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posted Jan 20, 2020, 4:21 AM by Janene Weinstein

Sugary drinks, such as fizzy drinks, flavoured waters, iced teas and even fruit juice, are the main source of added sugar in the diets of most South Africans. This excessive intake of sugar stacks up the kilojoules and often leads to weight gain.
A typical 500ml fizzy drink contains roughly 885 kJ, which would require walking for 5,5km or running for 30 minutes to burn it off. Drinking just one sugary drink a day increases the likelihood of being overweight by 27% in adults and 55% in children.
Despite the impact on your waistline, drinking just one sugary drink per day has also been found to increase the risk of developing diabetes by 26%, and having a heart attack by 29%.

On average, commercially produced sugary drinks available in SA contain the following amounts of sugar per 500ml serving:
Fizzy drink: 15 tsp
Energy drink: 14 tps
Sports drink: 7 tps
Fruit juice: 13 tps
Sweetened dairy drinks: 10 tps (includes naturally occurring milk sugar).
Iced tea: 9 tsp
Flavoured or vitamin-enriched water: 6 tsp

CHOOSE WATER– still, sparkling or flavoured with fruit – is the best beverage to choose. It serves so many essential purposes in the body:
Keeps you hydrated
Lubricates joints
Prevents headaches
Helps with digestions
Prevents constipation

Water is far cheaper than other drinks and contains zero sugar or kilojoules and will therefore help to maintain a healthy weight and lower the risk of developing diabetes or heart disease.