Expert Nutritional Advice and Counselling for the Whole Family.


  • Anthropometric assesment to determine your weight, height, body mass index (bmi), body fat percentage.
  • Biochemical assesments determined by laboratory blood tests
  • Clinical and dietary assessments in order to determine the patient’s nutritional status.
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  • Diets

    • Plan a nutrition intervention with diet plans and nutritional goals
    • Implementation of nutrition intervention using personalised meal plans and personalised menus

    Counselling and advice

    • Continuous counselling and evaluation of the patients weight and body fat readings.
    • I offer you guidlines on helping you to make your diet a practical way of life

    Discovery vitality nutrition assessments

     DNA Analysis 

    • Gene-based personal health care starts here
    • DNA diet
    • DNA health
    • DNA fit
    • DNA estrogen 
            Samples collected in the rooms and sent off for analysis

    Additional benefits for seeing a dietician

    • Diet consultation fees claimable by most medical aids
    • Perform better at work and life in general
    • Improve your health status
    • Reduce your risk factors associated with chronic diseases of lifestyle such as obesity, stress, inactivity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol.
    • Achieve visible results that are sustainable
    • Receive individualised, expert nutrition programmes to
    • maintain a healthy lifestyle


      A good eating plan and healthy way of life are more important now than ever. A healthy body and mind is essential to fight off disease and to improve rates of recovery from illness.

      Don't allow cabin fever to keep you inactive and wreck havoc on your eating routine! Use the extra time you may now have to focus on making healthy choices.

      When it's time for us to all emerge from isolation, be confident that you can do so looking and feeling your best.

      If you are refraining from leaving your home, I am available for live consultations via Zoom or Wattsapp Video.


      Janene Sacks, Registered Dietician,
      Savoy Estate, Gauteng, South Africa

      Mobile: 082 561 0507