Expert Nutritional Advice and Counselling for the Whole Family.


  • Anthropometric assesment to determine your weight, height, body mass index (bmi), body fat percentage.
  • Biochemical assesments determined by laboratory blood tests
  • Clinical and dietary assessments in order to determine the patient’s nutritional status.
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  • Diets

    • Plan a nutrition intervention with diet plans and nutritional goals
    • Implementation of nutrition intervention using personalised meal plans and personalised menus

    Counselling and advice

    • Continuous counselling and evaluation of the patients weight and body fat readings.
    • I offer you guidlines on helping you to make your diet a practical way of life

    Discovery vitality nutrition assessments

     DNA Analysis 

    • Gene-based personal health care starts here
    • DNA diet
    • DNA health
    • DNA fit
    • DNA estrogen 
            Samples collected in the rooms and sent off for analysis

    Additional benefits for seeing a dietician

    • Diet consultation fees claimable by most medical aids
    • Perform better at work and life in general
    • Improve your health status
    • Reduce your risk factors associated with chronic diseases of lifestyle such as obesity, stress, inactivity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol.
    • Achieve visible results that are sustainable
    • Receive individualised, expert nutrition programmes to
    • maintain a healthy lifestyle
      Janene Sacks, Registered Dietician,
      Savoy Estate, Gauteng, South Africa

      Mobile: 082 561 0507