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measurements & assesments

In order to set nutrition goals, the following assessments are performed to establish your base-line data. 

Anthropometric assessment

You are assessed on age, gender, height and frame size. Waist and hip circumferences are measured with a tape measure and weight assessed on a medical, electronic scale.  Body fat percentage is calculated via bioelectrical-impedance analysis.


Biochemical assessment

Biochemical assessments are done at a laboratory as and when required. Blood, urine or stool samples are used.  Common blood tests required are for: cholesterol profiles, sugar metabolism, thyroid profile, uric acid for gout, iron profile for anaemia, homocysteine levels.


Clinical assessment

Your body is checked for any visible signs of malnutrition which can manifest for example on the skin, tongue, nails, etc.

We will discuss any physical symptoms you are experiencing which may be diet related.


Dietary assessment

A 24-hour food and beverage recall is done initially and constantly re-assessed.  If needed, you will be asked to keep a food and symptom diary,